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Easy ways to fundraise at your next event.



Silent Auction

Ezybidz provides an online fundraising auction system that enables guests to bid through their phones. At your event, they sign up on a tablet with one of our event staff or they can easily sign up via text message.

Throughout your event, a bidding leaderboard is shown to all guests to increase the competitive bidding spirit. When outbid, guests will also receive a text message prompting them to bid again. Payment can be done online or through EFTPOS terminals at a payment desk managed by the Ezybidz team on your behalf. EZY!



Live Auction

This is the most traditional form of fundraising auctioning. The Ezybidz team will provide you with an experienced, effective Fundraising Auctioneer who will auction off prizes from your stage. Prizes include donations sourced by you and prizes provided by us. Guests can easily bid by raising their hand or holding up a number. The guest willing to pay the most - wins! It is a very interactive form of auctioning and our expert fundraising auctioneers make it EZY for you! 



Ballot Bidding

In this system, all bidding goes through a paper Ballot Bidding form that is designed by one of our designers (let us make it EZY for you!). The form features both your donations and prizes provided by us. Your fundraising event guests fill out their one- time maximum bid and hand the form in to our team. Winners are then notified via text message. This method is great at motivating guests to bid their highest ensuring a bigger fundraising total accumulated for your event's cause!

Amazing Fundraising Auction Prizes


We offer once in a life time holiday packages. Ranging from a luxurious villa in Bali, to a cultural city trip in St Petersburg. We offer a wide range of holidays in and out of Australia, to appeal to any type of guest. 

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We have a wide range of experiences available for your next fundraiser. Think about exclusive tickets to sports games or concert. Sailing trips, hot air balloon rides and a luxurious night on a yacht on Sydney Harbour are also amongst the range on options. 

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Among your guests, are there sports fans, or major art lovers? Why not ensure the auction items appeal to your audience's preferences. We can provide all kinds of unique memorabilia for inclusion.

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Add Your Own

In every auction, there is space for items donated by your generous donors to ensure the MAXIMUM return on your fundraising!

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