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EZY Fundamentals

Fundraising should be EZY!

No Service Charge

Ezybidz will offer a $0 cost package to all suitable charity events.

This package can include: the electronic silent auction, full service management including Ezybidz Auction Managers at your event, an experienced charity auctioneer, money-can’t-buy consignment items, and complete auction wrap up following the event.

Outstanding Event Support

We aim to provide an Event Manager who will be your main contact before, during and after the event, along with a number of highly trained Auction Manager's to all events that are going for a full package deal! Our Auction Managers are armed with an iPad to help those who do not have a phone, answer questions on the how to bid and all auction items as well as help with spotting during the auction and taking all payments at the end of the night.

Consignment Items

Ezybidz have a range of consignment items including holidays, experiences and signed memorabilia. Each item has a cost price and a reserve – the reserve price is set about 10-15% above the cost price.

The reason for the reserve is to make sure as soon as the first bid is in, your charity gets a donation! 100% of the money bid above the cost price goes to your fundraising target


If you successfully win a  Holiday or Experience voucher at one of our events, you will receive a voucher. You go to the Voucher Activation tab on our site for more information. If you're not ready to activate your voucher or you're unsure on you available dates, DON'T WORRY our Experience Manager is on-hand to help with any questions you may have.

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